WWE SmackDown Live Score, recap, reactions (February 19, 2019): KofiMania

Kofi Kingston is in the game. And with the positivity and momentum on his side, he still has a chance to win the Daniel Bryan WWE title.

WWE has set up a six-man match featuring all the men in the elimination chamber, and that's the kind of movement that makes me generally grumpy. A match like this – a pseudo rematch of a PPV – usually does not do much to advance the story. But when is it all a ploy for Kingston to get another victory over Bryan and declare the best contender at the WWE Championship? Sign me up!

To begin, I want to talk about the new day. Xavier Woods and Big E rallied to their friend and helped him keep his head up after Elimination Chamber. They were back singing their friend's praises at SmackDown and you could see how much that support meant to Kofi. Hell, he told the two of them in an interview behind the scenes.

And with this positivity, Kofi came out and killed him. Again. He received a special tag and caused Bryan's offensive wave, including his signature dive on the outside that we saw from a very cold angle. Nice job, WWE camera guy!

And in the end, the crowd is still 100% behind this guy – as it should be. I have to admit that I do mental math to see how Kofi could get another shot for WrestleMania, but who cares? If it's going to happen to Fastlane, I'm fine with Fastlane. Let's go get Kofi this WWE Championship.

* Pokes with stick * … Asuka?

Asuka has not worried me too much for a few weeks just because I have it. WWE wanted to keep Becky Lynch's story uncomplicated and Asuka does not really need to step in and mess around. He would have plenty of time to find an opponent at WrestleMania.

But now that she's back and she loses immediately against Mandy Rose? All right, I'm ready to ring the sirens a bit.

Asuka had a pre-game promo where they asked her if she felt neglected in all the ruckus of the Raw Women's Championship. This is obviously a good question, a question already enthused by the fan base. Asuka reacted in a way that you expected from WWE's strategy; she briefly mentioned defeating Becky Lynch before rejecting everything and focusing on new challenges.

Mandy Rose certainly counts for that, but I'm not quite happy with the way they built Rose. She took advantage of a distraction from Lacey Evans and faked an injury to the eye in this match to steal a pin falling from the champion.

I have no problem with WWE trying to get warmth and legitimacy for Rose and Evans. My problem, though, lies in the fact that Asuka is a big freaking affair … and you win with cheap stuff that we see all the time in games? The way Rose beat Asuka is not really meaningful. Asuka has just been beaten.

And it's not horrible … for the moment. But consider me officially worried about this quarrel. Rose must reach Asuka's level, not the other way around.

The rest

Usos vs. The Miz and Shane McMahon: rematch for Fastlane – This was a progression of the killer story. In the construction of Elimination Chamber, Usos asked if the biggest tag team in the world was a real tag team. And now, look at the Miz, looking for shortcuts after a defeat.

Miz told a bloody story about letting Shane fall and begged her to use his authority to grant them a revenge for the titles. Do not forget that the WWE has removed automatic re-runs in December, which means that Miz is starting to hit the trail.

Aleister Black def. Andrade – This game was very fun but did not have time to really be great … but of course it was not necessary. The New Orleans crowd made Black feel much more involved than the previous night and Black started the show by winning the fourth consecutive victory for NXT Superstars in two nights. And in the wake of a "big announcement" scheduled on NXT this week? Now all of this has a story rather than feeling like a random addition to the show. It makes a world of difference.

DIY def. The bar – Another match, another victory for the NXT crew. I liked it a lot more to tinker in this show just because the interaction behind the scenes with another tag team was a thousand times better. The Bar faced them and openly mocked the duo and laughed when Johnny Gargano promised to smash the Bar.

(Nice line, Johnny!)

The match was good but had a very scary moment in the corner when Sheamus fell on Ciampa's leg. I was so sure that Ciampa had ripped something live, but the NXT Champion was able to shake it up and finish the match.

Ricochet def. Eric Young – Mental health lives !!! But not for long, with Ricochet around. It was not as good for The One and Only as it was last night. He has ooh and aah and the crowd, but I do not think he had a response as strong as the other gentlemen of NXT. But it's good; Ricochet, continue to hold the children in your arms as you did in your entry, and you will grow the wings of the heart even the most solidarity

I think I have a bias at SmackDown. I'm more appreciative of the comment of SmackDown, the narration of SmackDown, and I can not help myself. It was not even the strongest show, but I still had above average ratings.

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And you, Cageside? Have you ever caught KofiMania fever?

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