WWE superstar Roman Reigns announces his cancer is in remission on Monday Night Raw


Four months after Roman Reigns, the WWE superstar, bravely announced, during an episode of Raw, that his true fight against leukemia forced him to immediately give up the universal title and withdraw from the ring, Reigns made an appearance on Monday on the same program the fans with an update on his fight. And was the boy good?

After getting into fan adulation once his music was played, Reigns slapped the hands of the WWE Universe as well as celebrities and family at the ring's edge with a smile on his face as the crowd chanted "Roman! Roman!" and "Welcome again!" Once in the ring, Reigns, his real name Joe Anoa, thanked the fans for their prayers and – after a brief delay – announced that his leukemia was officially in remission.

"I said I was going to fight for the barriers, we did better than that, all of you, we did not settle for the barriers, we hit a home run, so when I tell you that, I am very grateful and so humble and so honored to announce this, "began Reigns. "The good news is that I am in remission, you.

"So, having said that, the Big Dog is back!"

Reigns said that winning and running after the WWE titles remained important, but he is now focusing on using the WWE platform to "raise awareness" of cancer "and support those in need, while like me." He did not mention any potential return date, although fans chanted "WrestleMania!" he promised that he would "get to that later". Seth Rollins met him on the entrance ramp while he was walking backstage, but Dean Ambrose did not show up.

Leukemia was diagnosed in Reigns in 2008, at the age of 22 years. Although he quickly went into remission at that time, he has been battling the disease ever since.

The biggest active WWE star, the Reigns announcement of October 22, 2018, has caused a shockwave in the world of sports and entertainment. Former football champion Georgia Tech appeared in the main event of the last four WrestleManias and promised that night that fans would see him again in the ring.

Although he has not appeared on WWE TV for months, Reigns has sometimes been seen in public. He looked great with a bigger beard and pictures of fans posted online. He also attended a Georgia Tech football game last fall after the start of his sabbatical at the WWE. He filmed a cameo in "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw", due out in August.

Raw was in Atlanta Monday night, where Georgia Tech is located. WWE had already organized a promotion for Ric Flair's 70th birthday.

Anoa & # 39; i is from a family of royal wrestlers of Samoan tradition. In addition to being cousins ​​with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, he is the son of Sika, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, and the brother of WWE's former superstar, Rosey , died in 2017. Anoa & # 39; i, of the name Leati, is also cousins ​​with Usos, Rikishi, Tonga Kid and the late Yokozuna and Umaga.

After the end of his football career, which resulted in brief stints in the NFL and CFL, Anoa signed a development contract with WWE in 2010. He debuted as as a member of the Shield in 2012 and has quickly made it known. He has won almost all major titles, including three reigns as WWE Champion and his last race as a World Champion after his victory over Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

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