Wynn Resorts officials have concealed charges of sexual misconduct against Steve Wynn, according to game regulators


The report, released this week as part of ongoing hearings before gambling regulators, said the company had fostered a culture of secrecy in which victims of sexual harassment and sexual harassment feared filing a complaint. or thought it was useless. The gaming commission must decide if the company is still able to obtain a state casino license.

Wynn, 77, who denied accusations of misconduct or non-consensual relationships, resigned in February 2018 as CEO of Wynn Resorts after a report of a survey released by the Wall Street Journal retailer. numerous allegations against him, citing dozens of sources. The investigation of the Massachusetts Commission's crackdown office began after the newspaper report.

According to the report of the state gaming commission, substantial reforms in society – including the departure of Wynn and other senior officials accused of failing to report the alleged misconduct – "n does not erase the fact that corporate bankruptcies … are large, repetitive, and reflect the company's historical government practices. "

"For that, I have deep remorse," said Maddox, who took office in February 2018. "They had the impression of not having a voice.They could be victims of reprisals. They wanted it, would not be investigated, for that I'm really sorry. "

On Wednesday, the company included in the hearing the testimony of Jennifer Marietta-Westberg, of Cornerstone Research, who said that out of 19 companies that have faced sexual and racial behavior problems from senior executives since In 2014, Wynn Resorts made "the strongest quickest response" by stepping away from the CEO and transforming its board.

The 209-page report from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission stated that over the years "a select group of executives and employees in positions of authority" at Wynn Resorts was aware of allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of employees against Wynn, but "ignored the company's allegations policies."

"The investigation also showed that, in some cases, company executives, aided by an outside counsel, were part of the efforts to conceal the allegations made against them against Mr. Wynn," according to the report.

According to the report, investigators interviewed several people who accused Wynn of misconduct. They stated that the casino mogul allegedly made unwanted sexual advances or exposed himself, intentionally forced spa employees to graze his genitals and forced the employees to engage in sexual behavior.

Among the allegations included in the report, there was a complaint from a Wynn Las Vegas manicurist who allegedly told a supervisor that she had been raped by Wynn and that she was pregnant with her child . According to the report, the allegation would have resulted in a settlement of $ 7.5 million in 2005 and the lack of an internal investigation.

According to the same source, the woman was assaulted in the adjoining massage room at Wynn's office. In a statement in 2017, Wynn said that he had a relationship with the woman, who started after rubbing her leg and putting her hands in her shorts.

Another alleged incident would involve a former cocktail waitress at Wynn Las Vegas, who reportedly had been "implicitly involved in a sexual relationship" with Wynn, according to the report. It obtained $ 975,000 in 2006. According to the report, some senior executives of high-ranking companies were aware of the allegation, but no report was presented to the board of directors.

Wynn Resorts was fined $ 20 million in February for repeatedly failing to respond correctly to allegations of sexual behavior against Wynn.

The Nevada Gaming Commission has stated that the fine, the heaviest it has ever imposed, was part of an agreement with Wynn Resorts in response to a complaint filed by the commission against the company in January .

Wynn Resorts has focused on the series of changes undertaken since Wynn's resignation, including changing the number of members of its board of directors to include three new women directors and set up a new board of directors. enhanced training for all employees to prevent sexual harassment.

Wynn resigned as Finance Chairman of the National Republican Committee shortly after the publication of the Journal article in 2018. And the Wynn Resorts Board of Directors has struck a special committee to oversee Investigate the allegations.

The nabob is seen as the person who turned the casinos of Las Vegas, turned into gaming rooms into entertainment centers, where guests could attend spectacular shows and eat in upscale restaurants.

Wynn entered for the first time in the world of cash games when he resumed his father's bingo fairs in Maryland. He moved to Las Vegas in 1967 with a stake in the Frontier Hotel, followed by a brief stint as the owner of a liquor and wine distributor, Wynn said at a news conference. interview in 2014 with Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution.

Wynn signed a lucrative sales contract with business magnate Howard Hughes and invested this money in the Golden Nugget Casino.

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