X-Men: The director of Dark Phoenix spoils the major character who dies there



The stakes are high for this one.

By Adam Bankhurst

MAIN SPOILERS in front for X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

A new trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix has recently been released and portends the death of a major character. The director of the film, Simon Kinberg, confirmed this shocking decision.

In an interview with EW, Kinberg explained that Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, died of Sophie Turner's Jean Gray, while Gray "struggled with the phoenix being born in her".

When asked why Kinberg and his team had decided to reveal Lawrence's fate in this trailer, he replied that it was "mainly" to show that this film is different from other X-Men movies ".

"It's a film where shocking things happen, things that are intense and dramatic," Kinberg said. "People do not fall from buildings, do not dust themselves off and do not go in. This film has a reality and a consequence for this film, and it was even better to show that Jean / Dark Phoenix is ​​truly a threat to everyone, including the X-Men. "

Kinberg also explained how he had experienced the feeling of killing one of the biggest characters and stars of the X-Men franchise, claiming that even though he was "obviously sad," he felt that "c & rsquo; Was the strongest and most dramatic thing for the film, and sometimes you have to make those kinds of tough decisions to serve the big story. "

The death of Mystic has an impact "literally on everyone" and sets the tone for the next film. Kinberg hints that "there will certainly be other important victims".

Mystic killing, which is so important to many major characters, forces the X-Men to choose whether they want to forgive John and try to save her from her inner demons or disinherit her for what she has. made.

"For me," says Kinberg. "If there is a metaphor for the film, it's as if someone in your life or your family is starting to lose control, be it because of drugs, health problems mental or more minor problems, the question is: at some point, give up And how long do you keep a hope for them? "

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will hit theaters on June 7, 2019, and although Kinberg has not had any formal discussions with Disney about the future of the X-Men franchise, it can not do it until the merger is not official. treat this film "as if it was the climax in some ways – not that there could not be any other films, but I tackled it as if, as if, as if you were spending 20 years living with this family, it's the movie you see the family truly tested, collapse and, hopefully, get back together. "

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