Xbox Insider teases two unexpected ‘big’ Xbox Series X games

A leading Xbox insider said that Xbox game studios don’t have one, but two unannounced “big” games due out this year. Sadly, that’s where the details of these two mysterious games end, at least the details of the salient variety. As for the report, it’s Jez Corden of Window Central, who, on a recent episode of the Xbox Two podcast, claimed that Xbox Game Studios had “at least” two “big games” scheduled for release this year. not announced.

At present, Xbox Game Studios has both Infinite halo and Psychonauts 2 releasing this year. The former is currently slated for release this holiday season, while the latter still has a larger “2021” release window. In addition to that, it has several games with “TBA” release dates, such as Age of Empires IV, As Dusk Falls, Everwild, Fable 4, Hellblade 2, Forza Motorsport 8, Perfect Dark, Project Mara, State of decomposition 3, and various Bethesda games. Sure, some of them might sneak into this year, but these are advertised games and so don’t match the bill.

Again, Corden doesn’t even hint at what these games might be, but it’s quite possible that one of them is a new one. Forza Horizon, which is rumored for this year. Meanwhile, the other game could be Wolfenstein iii, which we know is under development, but has not been announced, but is expected to be nearing completion.

While those are two guesses, it’s unclear what else the two games might be, especially since Corden identifies them as “great games.” Of course, “tall” is subjective, but there’s no reason to think Corden is stretching the term. The point is, the big games are rarely announced and released in the same year. However, not only Power do this all the time, but Bethesda is one of the few to take this approach, on occasion, lending weight to the above speculation.

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt as it ranges from unofficial to downright speculative. While Corden is generally quite reliable, everything here is very vague and, of course, subject to change.

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