Xbox Live is down again, the second time this week


Xbox Live is again down, according to the Xbox team and many reports on social media. It's the second time in a few days.

The outage mainly affects registrations, account creations and searches, according to a tweet from the Xbox team, but these registrations are essential for playing many popular online games.

The breakdown does not only concern games like Destiny 2 or Fortnite, which forces users to sign in to Xbox Live. Xbox applications such as Spotify, Plex, and Amazon Video also require users to connect to an Xbox One console. The latest Microsoft crash on Xbox Live also prevented users from connecting to these apps.

Sites like DownDetector, used by users to determine if there is a failure affecting multiple people, also show peaks in EA games, such as Apex Legends, and Battlefields of PlayerUnknown. This shows a correlation between the lowering of Xbox Live and the inability of people to play their games.

When Xbox Live broke down two days ago, the team took a long time to rebuild everything. Previously, the Xbox Live service was no longer available for a few hours in January, which also caused black screens for many people.

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