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Xenotime hacker group targets US power grid: report

A group of hackers known to target oil and gas companies is interested in the country's electricity grid.

Xenotime began to "probe" US utility networks late last year, a Maryland-based Cyber ​​Security group study, Dragos, said.

So far, none of the group's efforts have been successful, but "persistent attempts and expansion of its field are a source of concern," the report says. This could also be a sign that the group is planning future cyber attacks.

Electricity companies and other vulnerable companies need to prepare for attacks and build their cybersecurity capacity, Dragos said.

Xenotime is the same group behind the malicious program called Trisis, deployed against an oil and gas facility in Saudi Arabia in 2017. This is the only known group that targets companies with the aim of destroying or disrupting their operations. on the Middle East.

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