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XFL player salary structure, how it works

The XFL is taking shape with a steady stream of coaching additions, regional showcases and infrastructure.

To ensure the stability and future growth of the league, the survival of the league is essential. Similar to the American Football Alliance, salaries will be kept within strict limits.

Although the spending limits have not yet been finalized, the league should have four salary levels. Each "level" has different player quotas based on a predicted player list of 45 people.

1- Similar to the NFL "franchise" designation, a minimum salary of $ 250,000 will be awarded exclusively to a player. This level will probably be used for the quarterback. That could be as much as $ 600,000, but do not expect Colin Kaepernick to wear an XFL uniform.

2- Three players will be awarded this salary level with a range of $ 150,000 to $ 175,000.

3- This level allows the largest contingent with 23 players. The salary will be between $ 70,000 and $ 100,000.

4- The lowest salary will be awarded to 18 players. Their salary will be at least $ 50,000, with potential up to $ 70,000. This may not sound like much, but consider college athletes who have been out of high school for less than three years and who are not eligible for the NFL. Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence might find this a tempting opportunity. Others may also be seduced by endorsement deals available in the XFL that are banned by the NCAA.

There are also players from the NFL training team who have been on the sidelines without having spent any time on the field. "If you have been part of a training team for three years and you are running a team of scouts, you will not improve," said XFL commissioner Oliver Luck. Despite modest incomes, a real chance to produce a game video showing their skills could justify letting the NFL become a star in hopes of returning in the near future.

Trevor Lawrence

Additional issues to finalize:

  • Performance bonus
  • Salary ceiling of the team
  • If the contracts are guaranteed
  • Bonus signs and if they count for a team or player's cap
  • Stipulations for players wishing to leave for the NFL
  • A "9th team" training team to be used by all the teams in case of injury of the novice players and the salaries of these players

Each head coach will receive a salary of $ 500,000.

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