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Yes, the Cyberpunk 2077 can be really good

Cyberpunk 2077 is even better now

Even before Keanu Reeves waltzed on stage at Microsoft's 2019 E3 Briefing, Cyberpunk 2077 had the show in the palm of his hand. A merged demo with the face of 2018 has organized the team of CD Projekt Red for an even more captivating 2019. The Polish developers were practically rock stars, attracting pointers, looks and the general superficial behavior of all kinds of spectators. But the game can not really live up to this hype, right? How could such a breathtaking and overwhelming world be completed by April 16, 2020?

I had great expectations. It's dangerous in this case, but last year's demo sealed my fate as a 2077 Cyberpunk train driver. Still, I put my most objective eyewear heavy demo of the E3 2019 demo of 50 minutes. I will avoid covering old lands here, so you can click here to find out why the 2018 demo blew up the skirt of E3 last year.

This year's V version had two parts, illustrating the flexibility of the game's style and approach. We met both a highly technical Netrunner guy and a powerful lady of physical cyber-improvement. I want to play both, and more.

Johnny Silverhand of Reeves played a lot in the demo, and will also play in the full game; the word is that it was set 15 DAYS of dialogue, the second behind V himself. I have a lot more questions than answers about the content and setup of the demo scenario, but here's what I know. V has a semi-mysterious "microchip", and he tries (at this point) to join the Voodoo Boys gang to talk to their boss, Brigitte.


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The CDPR has elicited a lot of critical and critical feedback for a variety of reasons, but from what I've seen, they treat the characterization in a realistic way. For example, in Cyberpunk 2077, the Voodoo Boys (there are a lot of girls too, but hey, that's what the gang called in the original documentation) are an essentially Haitian gang . After the war, they settled in the Pacifica neighborhood of Night City and opened a lucrative business. Haiti has a lot of French influence and the Voodoo Boys speak well with a French assignment. This adds a lot of flavor to the interactions and makes me more interested in learning more about real Haitian culture. Any reasonable person will understand that this is fiction. If you stand on the stand or hold your pearls, let it cool until you see the final product.

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I'm not going to mess up exactly what's going on, but V needs to help the Voodoo Boys solve a problem before they give him access to Brigitte. From there, we've seen more fighting, hacking and how different versions are affecting the game. RPG elements in the game, such as skill points, directly affect combat options. Netrunner V has managed to hack security systems and close them, overload enemy implants and use a nanowire (guys, it's a fucking laser whip) to destroy everyone in its path. Beast V was approaching the same situation by tearing a door hinges, breaking several necks and tearing a turret just above his mount and shaving just like Arnold in Predator. I can not decide which method was the most cruel, and the potential to weave these extremes together as you see fit is inductive.


Choices along the way sometimes have time limits. He only had a few seconds left for V to get his hand out of danger, so you'll be forced to trust your instinct in Cyberpunk 2077. The mission is linked to a more traditional moral choice, with no time limit, and the consequences. Of that particular choice were terrible to say it nicely. Things could have been very different. With careful planning, you can complete Cyberpunk 2077 as a pacifist.

At the end of the demo, V physically entered cyberspace. How cool is it? The possibilities are … whoa.

Let's talk about the construction of the character. We saw an abbreviated version of Cyberpunk's character creator 2077, which offered presets for facial and body features, but I did not see the possibility of using sliders. Three story options are proposed – nomadic, street child, and business – that will directly affect V's processing, as well as dialogue options. In our demo, Street Kid V had the opportunity to call gang members for their bullshit and to be wary more of Corpo's scum. The skill points in the 5 compartments – body, intelligence, reflexes, technology and cool – interact in the same way. It makes sense. A low of 90 pounds will not physically intimidate the brutal gang Animals.


The demo had no load, and we were told that the game was completely free of charge screens – a stunning feat for such a detailed and heavy simulation world.

I'm not sure about the resolution of the demo or the technical factors involved, but this year's demo was a little more hectic than last year. Some irregular edges slipped and some textures appeared muddy. It could be simply a matter of projector resolution or a thing in the foreground / big screen, but it's something that I noticed. Holster your megaphones downgrading well, overall, the game looked exceptional. The character models are incredibly detailed, the lighting is breathtaking and the world itself is epic.

If it's not clear, the Cyberpunk 2077 is becoming the new role-playing bar. April 16, 2020 becomes red in my calendar, so if you're feeling spicy, why not take this trendy train with me? All aboard!

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