Yes, this thing teased in the trailer of Dark Phoenix is ​​exactly what it looked like


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[Cequisuitcontientdesspoilerspour[Thefollowingcontainsspoilersfor[Cequisuitcontientdesspoilerspour[ThefollowingcontainsspoilersforDark Phoenixbut if you've seen the latest trailer, you've already been spoiled.]

For the last ones X Men films, Jennifer Lawrence addressed her role as Mystic in the same way that Harrison Ford did for Return of the jedi: She is ready to do it, but she does not think so secretly that the character should be killed so she does not duty do it. Well, like everyone who has seen the new trailer of Dark Phoenix already know that Jennifer Lawrence had her wish. In the trailer, we see Sophie Turner's Jean Gray sobbing in the rain of hurting a friend, who referred to the past, and who is cut with a sequence where Lawrence's Mystic tries to calm down John as the cosmic force of the Phoenix begins to recover his spirit. The message is clear, even without the next photo of Professor X and Beast at a funeral: Mystic died and she was killed by Jean Gray.

If doubt remained, director Simon Kinberg confirmed in a new Weekly entertainment interview that Mystique dies. Kinberg says that he wanted to make it clear from the outset that it was "a difference between the others." X Men movies, "in this" people do not just fall buildings and dust themselves off and go away. "He also wanted to establish how the Black Phoenix was a threat because it is so powerful that it can kill a big star in the trailer (not even Thanos did that).

Kinberg does not say what Lawrence might think of being killed, but he says he's personally "sad" because he's a fan of Lawrence's work. In the end, however, her character is the one who makes the biggest impact in dying, because she has the strongest connection with Professor X and Magneto. Kinberg also said that there were other "major victims" in the film, although none was spoiled in the trailer. Given the imminent takeover by Disney of Fox's assets, such as the X Men Human rights, any of these happy mutants could be marked for death. Jean Gray died at the end of the original Dark Phoenix Saga in the comics but the X Men movies in particular have never been particularly faithful to the source.

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