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Yeti Hopper Cooler Deal: $ 90 off for Amazon Prime Day

I come against my heart with my fandom Yeti. As I have already said, Yeti's re-engineering of utilitarian objects, such as a bucket or lunch bag, is so vast that it almost invites to parody. But its commitment to high-end, robust and attractive products is beyond doubt. Yeti is the obvious choice for all times when your cooler simply can not failfor example, if you bring home fish that you have just caught or mother's milk that you have carefully pumped while traveling.

The Flip 18 is the largest version of Yeti's personal cooler. It has a capacity of 20 cans of beer and is equipped with a high density outer shell and puncture resistant, as well as a rubber and foam insulation. And unlike Yeti's hard-walled coolers, it weighs only 5 pounds when it's empty.

In the summer afternoons, when I go to the river beaches near my home in Portland, Oregon, this is the most frequently seen cooler that I see leaping the most often on bike racks. And almost $ 100 off is an incredible discount for a sweet cooler that will never break and leave you with hot beers and a broken heart. This agreement is due to expire on Tuesday, July 16th.

Buy the Yeti Hopper Flip 18 for $ 210 ($ 90 off)

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