One of the artists we had the pleasure of seeing growing up this year is YNW Melly, a young 20-year-old rapper who was making waves in Florida and across the country. Many of his songs have been cited as major hits with "Murder On My Mind" and Kanye West's "Mixed Personalities" standing out among the group. He has a complete music catalog but his future is in the hands of one person: his judge. YNW Melly has been accused of murdering his two cold-blooded friends and he and his alleged accomplice, YNW Bortlen, face the death penalty. Melvin was in court today for a regular hearing and the cameras managed to make the rapper delighted.

Broward Sheriff's Office via Getty Images

As reported by TMZ, YNW Melly seems to think positively about her chances of getting out of it. Previously, he had told his friends and family that he thought "going home" and his facial expression seemed to show once again that he was very confident. Although he timidly entered the room, he conversed with his lawyers and smiled several times. He could be seen in his suit and chains as he spoke to his legal team, who was apparently joking with him.

Melly does not seem bothered by her current lawsuit. Do you think that it will be proven innocent?