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You can create groups of speakers on smart screens

The smart screens of recent weeks have acquired a number of new features, such as a stop command for alarms and more clock faces. Google now allows you to create groups of on-demand speakers directly from smart screens, even when the music is already playing.

The Google Assistant knows that smart devices in your home that support Chromecast play music. On devices such as the Nest Hub, you can access onscreen controls by asking "What is playing?". This loads a screen that notes the application, the track, the pocket, and so on. The standard pause, stop, and next / previous buttons appear below, with a scroll bar.

Users can also see on which device or group of speakers a song is played in the lower left corner. When the latter group is used, press to display the volume bars for adjusting the sound levels.

A recent update of smart displays now allows you to add more on-demand devices from this screen, with each speaker having a check box. As additional speakers, Chromecast connected systems and smart displays are added, they join live and are synchronized with the original device.

This is a quick way to create an impromptu group of speakers without having to create one in advance in the Google Home app. This is also useful for creating groups that do not have to be permanent and will not appear in the Distribution menu.

The ability to create quick groups has been added recently, according to user reports. He is already online on several Nest Hubs that we checked this morning.

Updated 6/15: After spotting this feature on May 22, it is no longer available on several Nest Hubs verified tonight. When users stream a song on a single smart display, the Now Playing screen has removed the ability to select other devices to join the reading. The only multi-device control available is the per-device volume setting when streaming to a group of speakers.

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