You can not close a lemonade in Texas. That's the law


Governor Greg Abbott signed a law Monday banning the police from closing the children's lemonade stalls.

In a video posted on Twitter, Abbott signed what he called a "common sense law" with a tall glass of lemonade, as "Vive".

The bill was introduced by state representative Matt Krause, a Republican from Fort Worth. House Bill 234 legalized the occasional sale of lemonade and other non-alcoholic beverage kiosks held by minors on private property.
In May, Mr. Krause told a committee that the bill inspired a case of 2015 in East Texas, in which a children's lemonade stand had been closed. Sisters Andria and Zoey Green organized a traditional tribune in the neighborhood to raise $ 100 to bring their father to Splash Kingdom for Father's Day.
According to CNN's affiliate, KLTV, the Overton police arrived about an hour later and closed the lemonade because the Green sisters had no "hawker's license".

The law on the lemonade stand will come into effect on September 1 st.

According to their mother's Facebook page, the Green Sisters are planning a big celebration of the lemonade stand in September.


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