You can now remap the Bixby button on the old Galaxy phones.


Once you have set your preferences, you just have to press the button two or three times to open the application of your choice. If the single tap opens your favorite application, the dual tap will open Bixby Home, and vice versa. By holding the button, Bixby Voice will always be invoked.

As we noted when announcing the remapping feature, it is a compromise. It's no secret that Bixby loses the popularity contest among artificial intelligence voice assistants and, rather than completely removing the button (or Bixby), Samsung is trying to make both more attractive. In the past, Galaxy users were resorting to solutions to remap the button to open other digital assistants, such as Google Assistant. Following this update, a number of people have noticed that you can not use the button to opt for another assistant, which Samsung has confirmed to Engadget. This shows how much Samsung wants you to try Bixby and you do not opt ​​for more useful options like Google Assistant.

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