“You do bad things and you make the world worse”


At Last week tonight John Oliver on Sunday slammed HBO’s parent company AT&T after recently finding out by Reuters that the telecommunications company helped create OAN, the far-right One America news network, which is known to broadcast COVID misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Oliver said that, according to the Reuters report, “OAN founder Robert Herring testified that AT&T executives once told him they wanted a conservative network, and he said: ‘When they said that, I jumped on it and built one. And once they built the channel, AT&T broadcast it first on their U-Verse system, then on DirecTV. “

“OAN has become the toxic network it is today,” said Oliver. He continued as a photo of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell appeared over his shoulder, “One who is happy to give a platform to the batshit election fraud theories of the most breathless pillow fetishist in the world. America.”

As for the content of the NAO, according to the LWT host, in a message from AT&T, the company shared, “AT&T has told us that DirecTV respects the editorial independence of the channels it broadcasts, just as AT&T is committed to providing editorial independence for every WarnerMedia program – y including this one, ”which Oliver happily took as a free hand to go over his parent company.

“It’s such a relief! Especially that last part. Because if you’ll allow me, I’d like to use this generous editorial independence to offer constructive feedback to AT&T,” Oliver said, before embarking on a series of slogan suggestions for the company.

“Take AT & T’s recent campaign. ‘More for your thing is our thing’, which is, respectfully, complete gibberish. Looks like Yoda is launching a penis enlargement device. It’s so absurd. that I have to assume that something got lost in the communication, which would actually be a much more appropriate tagline for the company, “Oliver suggested. He went on to say,” How about ‘AT&T, all the business acumen of Quibi without the courtesy of committing ‘or’ AT&T corporate suicide, if you run a cable through the back of your head office and plug it into T-Mobile’s network while they’re not not looking, it’s legal, isn’t it? Ask a friend. ‘ Any of them is yours if you want them! ”In the end, Oliver didn’t mince his words as he concluded his verbal attack with a clear message.

“Look, AT&T, I know our relationship is a little tricky, especially since you’re trying to run this commercial baby in your deal with Discovery,” Oliver shared. “But while we’re still technically linked, let me just say this: you are a terrible business. You do bad things and you make the world worse. Please don’t bother to keep in touch an after the merge is complete. Although that shouldn’t be a problem. You’re AT&T. It’s not like your messages will get through anyway. “

Last week tonight with John Oliver aired on sunday at 11 p.m. on HBO.

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