You have $ 20K? Acer has a professional Uber workstation for you

Tired of relying on gaming PCs to launch your best creations in the world? The Dual-Xeon ConceptD 900 (and its much cheaper brother ConceptD 500) are control towers that aim to remedy this.

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You have $ 20K? Acer has a professional Uber workstation for you

When Acer spoke to introduce its new line of creator-centered workstations in Brooklyn this week, company representatives cited an interesting statistic: 15% of gaming PC buyers never install gaming .

Indeed, for a long time, one of the few ways to get a pre-built PC powerful enough to handle tasks such as advanced 3D rendering was to buy a machine sold in the player market, but still containing enough of high-end components. to handle everything that you have thrown his way.

Acer's new ConceptD 500 and ConceptD 900 workstations are designed to revolutionize this standard: beautifully designed, moderately compact desktop computers that come with everything creators need to do their best.

But all this material has a cost. The ConceptD 500 (designed for prosumers and semi-professionals) has a modest start, starting at $ 1,699 only and from there. But the powerful Concept 900 concept, aimed at the elite of 3D graphic production, is really start snowballing immediately. This well-stocked two-processor workstation departures to, wait … $ 19,999. Take out the piggy bank will not cut it; you will have to talk to your loan officer this a.

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