You must play 'Far Cry 5' before playing "Far Cry: New Dawn"


Warning: An absolutely unavoidable spoiler (and major) for Far Cry 5 is below, but you've probably heard of it before.

Ah, the "autonomous sequel". It's a delicate beast. Of course, players want it to work. God knows the studios want it to work. Unfortunately, it rarely works.

Far Cry: New Dawn is no exception – but it's far from a bad thing.

The last Far cry the fallout brings us back to Hope County, Montana, where all the events of his fifth main game take place. Although we are dealing with a whole new story, (almost) completely different characters and a revisited environment, newcomers should not enjoy this chapter without Far Cry 5 knowledge. Note that I say "should not" and not "could not".

You absolutely can play the new version without investing in its predecessor at $ 60, but you will greatly devalue your New dawn gaming experience in the process. The story will be followed (except some research on Google for more details) and the gameplay will of course not be affected.

However, the best parts of New dawn are not in what is obviously new to Hope, but in a more nuanced way, Hope has changed since its initial unveiling – 17 years ago, assuming you followed the timeline of the game.

Here are 5 reasons why you absolutely must play Far Cry 5 before attacking Far Cry: New Dawn.

5. The final of 5 raises all the issues in New dawn.

On the shoulders of nuclear fallout.

On the shoulders of nuclear fallout.

Mad Max: Fury Road Despite this, it is usually difficult to enjoy a post-apocalypse if you have no idea of ​​the world before Doomsday. In New dawn, you need events from 5The last act to give a contextual weight to the current developments of the game.

While the villains of the sequel – the dangerous and colorful Highwaymen led by two terrifying twins – can defend themselves, the gravity that accompanies the observation of the large fire in a dumpster that puts an end to Far Cry 5 really points out how few people are kidding in this universe. Once you have seen everything go up in smoke, the new threats can inspire an intense feeling of hyper-motivating fear that will drive you to have the saw blades a little more energetic.

4. The modified open world is more enjoyable when you have seen it in its original glory.

During the first examination, the layout of New dawnThe card is a little disappointing. Enthusiastic players with the idea of ​​exploring the open and lush world suspended before quickly finding themselves stuck in the southwest corner of the arena, get lost in an unexpected and linear scenario. But that's fine, if you can understand how and why this change happened.

Far Cry 5 lets you explore the same world (though noticeably less purple) with a much greater sense of freedom – just pick a direction and leave.

When you revisit Hope County with an established knowledge of the history of the environment in New dawnyou will be able to enjoy the slow revelation of finding recognizable places and soothe some of your frustration with the structure of the world. There is still a lot of organic play to be done here, but you will need benchmarks to get maximum exploration gratification.

3. You will understand many more New dawnis the tradition.

You are going to want a story of origin.

You are going to want a story of origin.

Plaster of references and abbreviated explanations New dawn as a bad bottom of screen. It's a fun reminder of how times have changed if you've seen it begin, but if it's totally new to you, it could quickly become annoying.

Unless you want to spend everything New dawn by saying "no matter" and "I do not know", do yourself a favor and read at least the dubious details of 5. I would discuss New dawn The story is tighter and more complete at the end of the day, but it's definitely better if you have all the background you need before you start.

2. It is easier to forgive both New dawn& # 39; sand 5The flaws of when they are part of a larger narrative.

You can have one without the other ... but you are better with both.

You can have one without the other … but you are better with both.

Parties of 5 who have felt incomplete or unsolved are complemented by the events of New dawn. Similarly, portions of New dawn who feel pressed or unmotivated are reinforced by the narrative and established format of 5. Although each experiment can take place independently of each other, they are much better when they are appreciated by two.

In an ideal world, we would take the improved history and the updated killer combat mechanics of New dawn and the plop in the middle of the vast open world of 5 for a master game experience. But I say, take what you can get.

1 more Far cry It's almost always a good thing.

Take a trip to the past.

Take a trip to the past.

If long-time fans can debate endlessly the details of which installments were better or worse, the Far cry the experiences to be had are still finished. If you want Far crythen you like Far cry. As such, playing more of it should not be a problem.

For those of you who, for one reason or another, have missed Far Cry 5I encourage you to take the time to discover this game not as a "stand-alone sequel", but as a "sequel" totally dependent on your predecessor. Yes, it's a bigger financial and time investment, but with the fate of all stake? You can and should take the time.

Far Cry: New Dawn is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One.


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