You Should Get The Big White Gmail Update Now – Droid Life

The super extra white version of Gmail for Android that Google announced in January is being rolled out widely for the moment. If you have not been embroidered by APK on this sideload game, now is the time to check if the new Gmail is right for you.

What's new in the new Gmail (v9.1.13)? Apart from whiteness, you can easily view attachments without opening or scrolling through a conversation. Everything is "hardware" and everything, now, plus the change of account has been simplified and is accessible in the upper right corner of the search bar. You can choose from different density views that will show you more or less in your inbox (Default, Comfortable and Compact). And that's maybe it.

It's still no inbox. TEAR.

To check for the update, look for the link below on your phone or open Google Play and see if any updates are available (you should).

Google Play link

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