Young country music singer Justin Carter dies after accidental shooting in a set of video clips


Country music singer Justin Carter died accidentally last weekend after shooting a shot in his pocket during a shoot of a video clip.

In an article published Tuesday on her Facebook page, her mother, Cindy McClellan, wrote that the death was "judged as an unfortunate accident" and was a "great loss for our family".

She told Fox News that her weapon, which served as an accessory in the video, had been shot accidentally and had "caught her at the corner of her eye".

She added that he "was a wonderful artist" who was "the total package".

Carter, 35, a father of two, just released a new video titled "Love Affair" on March 9 on YouTube, watched tens of thousands of times.

Triple Threat, a representative of his management company, told KTRK in Houston that he considered him the "next Garth Brooks".

His professional website describes his style as a classic country.

"Justin's passion comes from the sound of the old country, and he clings to what he feels when he hears it and tries to integrate it into his music," he says.

Family and friends are trying to arrange a military funeral for Carter and, meanwhile, are requesting donations via Paypal on his Facebook page to cover expenses if the VA does not approve.

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