Young people face Hurriyat in a viral video


A video circulates on social media in which a member of Kaisar Ahmad's family, who was mowed by the Central Reserve Force (CRPF) vehicle in Nowhatta on June 1, criticizes the Hurriyat leadership.
"Kaiser did not know Shahadat and his body is exposed in the streets to fuel passion among the people of the valley," said the parent, saying, "You have exposed him on the roads. Sharia law)? "He even asked Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani a question about why the daughter of separatist leader Shabir Shah, a DPS graduate, was considered a model, while most Kaiser Ahmed, 22, died after a Central Reserve Force (CRPF) vehicle crushed it at Nowhatta in Srinagar on June 1st. Ahmed succumbed to his injuries at the Sherry Institute of Kashmir Medical Sciences (SKIMS) the next day. Kashmir



26 thoughts on “Young people face Hurriyat in a viral video”

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  2. Kasmiri ko Allah NE hindustan jaisa mulk diya hai jo qayanat tak Dshssthgardo see hifajat karta rahega…… Aur na pak harqat ksrne wale aur galat Islam Sikhane wale Pakistan ko Allah NE jahanuum ka rasta khulwa diya hai….. Indian army inh Dshssthgardo ko jahanuum main pahuchaye ishi dua ke sath hum Kasmiri phir see ek hoon

  3. Kashmir brother plz be educate …no gun no gun ..make ur future .I m indian if u think India is not good for u ,brother believe me pak not for u they use u just for their home politic

  4. Why the HURRIYAT misleads the youth of KASHMIR. Actually what is KASHMIRI youth doing & what about their youth & time. Will they get back their youth & precious time.
    Life is a way ahead. Killings, violence, looting banks, pelting stones on the school kids/bus/tourists & burning schools. What does it bring to KASHMIR. is it
    Stone age
    The KASHMIRI youths future is bleak & a BIG QUESTION BANK?????
    Who will answer & solve their problems.

  5. At present time cleric (Islamic) from around the world are using blood boiling statement in name of JIHAD. You can find these places as Australia, Middle East, Africa, Europe. Do you not think that there need a new LINE of explanation of QURAN in which it talk about peace, life, stability and prosperity?

    There are methods to eradicates the oppressor using peace. The great example of this is Gandhi and Mandela. You always dont need a KARBALA.

    I It is sure that no preacher would develop a religion without using peace. See, in all religion (name it Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Persian etc.) it contain mostly two chapter – A BIG WAR (in many religion it is symbolic) and afterward PEACE. It seems Islam took the first chapter very seriously and stuck in for pretty LONG time. To save the human footprint on earth, we need some clerics who can help Islam to go on second chapter.

  6. sahe baat hai.apnay bachuu ko baday schoolu main padhatay hain aur tours pay baijatay hain .tou wahe aazadi key baat ker k youth ko badhakatay hain.air hamaray baiwakoof bhiyee in logu key baatu main aaker jaan daitay hain apnay ger ka khayaal chodh ker .behnu ko maawu ko sab ko chodh ker.Sanah shabir aagay law karay gii kabhi aaye hai sadak pay nahe naa.wo carrier ka sonch eahay hain .Ye baatain youths ko kab samj aayae gii .patah nahe.

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