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Your Google Calendar is not safe, a TV controlled by the eyes and more information

There's a new After the scam after your Google Calendar, you can now control the TV with your eyes and it's time to organize your list of mobile phone photos. Here's the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Titles of the day

A tricky scam plant phishing links in your calendar

If all is well, you already know that we must avoid phishing emails … and texts … and popups … but there is now a new place to fear scams: your agenda. Fraudsters send waves of legitimate invitations to Google Calendar users, except that when you click and enter your personal information, you know the rest. We suggest you disable the setting that automatically adds invitations to your calendar and not accept invitations you do not recognize.

Comcast now lets you control your TV with your eyes

Comcast remotes already have a voice control, but the company will now deploy devices allowing users to use their look as a computer mouse. To "click", they can either dwell on a particular icon, or configure the device in "flashing mode", closing the eyes registering the click. The feature is designed for accessibility for those who can not use the standard remote control. This is a big step forward for technology and inclusivity.

Cocktail conversation

You brush your teeth. You clean your ears. Let's hope you wash your hands several times a day. So, why do we feel like some dry scrubbing of toilet paper fits our backs? Although bidets have not yet become very popular in American culture, many predict that they will be so soon. Our editor has had one for nine months and explains why the bidet is changing lives.

WIRED recommends: Google Photos Hacks

Be real with yourself: the photos on your mobile phone are an absolute mess. They are almost impossible to organize, and when you want to find that nice selfie that you took three months ago, you end up floundering in the abyss to get there. Fortunately, our editor has compiled a list of Google Photos hacks. Welcome to the good life.

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