Your Microsoft Windows 10 phone application is shut down today, Microsoft is investigating


The Microsoft Windows Phone 10 application is down today, Microsoft is investigating

If you're having trouble connecting your Android phone to your Microsoft Windows 10 phone application this morning, you're not alone. We were unable to synchronize our phones with the application today, and the software giant recognized the connectivity issue on the Microsoft 365 Service Health dashboard.

Microsoft is still investigating the problem and you can read the latest status update for the company below:

We have identified a problem posing connection problems for your phone application. Users can receive "Unable to connect" or other error banners when using the app. We are actively researching the cause of the problem and developing a problem solving plan.

Your phone is probably not the most reliable application provided by Microsoft on Windows 10, and it is not unusual to encounter difficulties when synchronizing text messages or notifications with your PC. The application is apparently optimized for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, although the owners of the latest Galaxy flagship phone are also affected by connection problems and errors. We will keep an eye on the Microsoft 365 portal and will notify you once the problem is resolved.

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