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Your Morning Dump … Where the Celtics lose their cause in AD and we became patient again

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The Celtics had spent years planning their moment Anthony Davis, but in the end he would join one of their biggest rivals.

ESPN announced Saturday night that the Pelicans had agreed to swap their upset star striker with the Lakers in exchange for guard Lonzo Ball, forward Brandon Ingram, guard Josh Hart and three first-choice picks. round, including the overall selection No. 4 in Thursday's draft. Davis will join LeBron James to form one of the most formidable duos in NBA history.

The Celtics, meanwhile, will retreat and will probably be organized around their young core, with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown for centerpiece. According to a league source, the Celtics have never had the impression that an agreement with Davis was close to the discussions that took place last week.


Cue the sad sad music.

Himmelsbach added that the Celtics were never really close to an agreement because of their refusal to include Tatum, in part because of Kyrie Irving's uncertainty and Davis' public desire to play in Los Angeles.

Do not blame Danny Ainge. It would have been stupid to abandon Tatum in these circumstances.

I guess you might blame Kyrie, because if he plays with the mat, he could put pressure on Davis in Boston.

I'm really not in the mood to blame anyone, but the Celtics' sudden future is in abeyance.

I love Tatum and Jaylen Brown and remain optimistic: they can eventually become a champion caliber duo. But the next few years are a bit messy.

Himmelsbach reports that the Celtics could prepare some choices for a well-established player, but nothing is imminent. Adding player X to Jays, Horford, and Hayward and the Celtics could make noise in the east.

But what if Horford does not just "make noise" and decides that his best shot in the league is with another team?

Horford has to decide this week if he wants to opt for the last year of his contract, which would bring him $ 30.1 million. His membership makes him vulnerable to an exchange, but Davis being pulled out of the market, he might perhaps give it the peace of mind to accept this very fruitful year and look for long – term security in the future. ;next summer.

But the big question is whether Horford is ready to see where this young core can go. He had a glimpse of their potential without Kyrie in the NBA finals in 2018, but after recognizing that the priority was to win a title at this point in his career, could he want a deal with a safer competitor? ?

The question is whether it is possible to reach an agreement with the Houston Rockets, a team that has already raised the flag of "openness to the world of business". Horford has flirted with the Rockets before signing with the Celtics in the summer of 2016 and might be intrigued to try to pass Houston over the mound to the west. The Celtics could they accept to take a young talent – Clint Capela, the name that invariably returns – knowing that the way back to the title with the young nucleus is a little longer?

Himmelsbach also reports that the Celtics are intrigued by Capela but have not engaged in commercial negotiations with the Rockets.

I am tired of rebuilding and / or building. A championship in 30 years freaking.


On page 2, the Lakers gave up a LOT for Anthony Davis.

"What they abandoned for him is potentially outrageous," says Brian Windhorst said Saturday. "… All the details are not yet known … This is Part 2 of the exchange between Nets and the Celtics … What they gave was the 39, one of the most unbalanced exchanges in terms of compensation project in league history. "

Bleacher's report

The Lakers have been down for so long that they had no choice but to risk everything with this trade.

Davis and James are perhaps the best duo in the league, but Rob Pelinka has yet to complete the lineup. And last year, he showed everyone he had no idea what he was doing.

Once again, we salute Ainge as one of the best in the league and have only one championship to show.

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