Your Steam library is getting a well deserved beauty •


The homepage of the Steam Library is a familiar tool for PC readers. For years we have been greeted with a long list of games on the left tab, a menagerie of small hyperlinks and strange empty spaces.

No more, because Valve gives the library a new coat of paint.

Yesterday, during the GDC speech, Valve unveiled the library's new design, which gives thumbnails of large vignette games, numerous categorization labels and a generally uncluttered experience. The activity of friends is now more clearly displayed in a built-in column, while the page also reverses the games you have recently played. Now nothing can stop this frenzy of Skyrim.

The tags are probably one of the best additions to this overhaul because they carry in front of the Steam store and can be used to group games into "similar" title collections.



Extreme Makeover, Steam Edition. (Front left, new right).

When you click on an individual game, you can also view recent updates, live streams of the game and the flow of activity of your friends, all in a relatively simple design.

Here is the new (ell) design.

It should be noted that the redesign is limited to the library: for the moment, the interface and the store are not subject to a reworking. Given that Valve has recently (again) been criticized for authorizing the sale of a rape game, and that the developers have complained of an exploit of the Steam list burying their upcoming releases, it seems like it's an area in which Valve should grab his attention.

Whatever the case may be, you can expect the new and brilliant library to arrive in open beta within the next two months.

Quite amusingly, the announcement of the Steam Library redesign took place on the same day as an epic GDC conference in which the company unveiled its own redesign of the Epic Games store. The discussion began with Epic Games Store's Publishing Strategy Director outlining Epic's "Core Values" – which apparently include a fair share for all creators, a conscience of privacy and preservation by rather than algorithms (via Variety).

Epic Games Store will also receive user reviews and giveaways over the next year.

With Epic having its own privacy management issues and whether the Epic Games Store exclusivity is really beneficial to consumers, it is certainly an intense and controversial rivalry for the consumer. PC games market.

If you have not figured it out yet, Martin asked Tim Sweeney some of these difficult questions about the Epic Games Store in his own interview with GDC, which certainly deserves a reading.


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