YouTube Deploys Instagram Stories Feature to More Creators


Today, YouTube is expanding its Instagram story capacity to more creators, giving those with more than 10,000 subscribers the ability to use this tool.

There are major differences between Instagram Stories and the iteration of the feature on YouTube. YouTube stories last seven days on the mobile application. They appear for subscribers and non-subscribers. They appear in the "Up Next" box of YouTube, next to a video. Creators who use the tool will be able to respond to fans who interact with their stories. The answers of the creators will be seen by all those who will discover the history. Fans can leave comments or questions about stories, and creators can respond publicly to each answer.

The announcement announced for the first time in November 2017 seems to focus primarily on YouTube Stories, but rather on community engagement and promotion of channels rather than daily updates. Creators can show behind-the-scenes video clips, for example, or tease upcoming collaborations.

Although YouTube has tested the feature with a few channels earlier this year, the YouTube partner program deployment (which must retain a minimum of 10,000 subscribers to be eligible) means that YouTube Stories can start appearing more often on YouTube. the home page of mobile users. People on Reddit have discovered the upcoming change and have expressed mixed reactions about Stories on the platform. One user suggested that YouTube fix their ongoing issues, including demonetization issues and advertising issues, before deploying bonus features.

"YouTube's death is finally revealed," wrote a Reddit user on a feature thread. "If they stop copying other social media and retain / support all the old features (ie annotations), they still have a chance of retaining users. "

Even creators like Philip DeFranco have expressed concern about Stories, admitting that, despite the potential it holds, he is not convinced.

"The 'Stories' on YouTube are weird," DeFranco tweeted. "They stay awake for 7 days, they allow comments, but you can only respond with another video / photo, and they do not currently have any slide-up / video-link features, which I feel a missed opportunity. Potential, but I am skeptical. "

YouTube's statement on expanded deployment to more creators reaffirmed that its team "applied the feedback we received to build a product specifically designed for you, the creator of YouTube, in mind. ". functionality has become within two years since its launch will take time to evaluate.

For those who wish to participate and who are eligible, the stories are created by opening the YouTube mobile app, tapping the camera icon and selecting "Create Story".

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