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YouTube says that it will disable comments on almost all videos featuring under-18s, with the goal of "better protecting children and families".

Several brands stopped advertising on YouTube after discovering that pedophiles were leaving predatory comments on children's videos.

YouTube had initially disabled comments on videos that attracted predatory and obscene comments.

But it will now disable comments on almost all default minors videos.

He said the change would take effect over several months.

What happened?

The BBC first reported that pedophiles were leaving explicit comments on YouTube videos in 2017.

In addition to leaving obscene or sexual comments, they also used the comments section to report interesting content to other pedophiles.

At the time, YouTube had stated that it was "working urgently" to clean the site.

However, in February of this year, advertisers such as AT & T, Nestle and Hasbro suspended their ads after discovering new predatory activities.

What did YouTube announce?

In a blog post, YouTube says its new policy says the comment section is automatically turned off for very young children's videos.

The move will likely include parent-uploaded toddler videos, as well as short films featuring celebrity children recognized on YouTube.

Videos of older children and teens will usually not see disabled comments unless a particular video is likely to catch the attention of predators. This could include, for example, a video of a teenager in gymnastics.

YouTube told the BBC that it would use algorithms to detect videos containing children.

Millions of hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube every day.

When will comments be allowed?

A small number of YouTube content creators will be allowed to allow comments on videos featuring children.

These channels will be trusted partners such as family video bloggers or famous YouTube stars.

However, they will have to actively moderate their comments and demonstrate that their videos have a low risk of attracting predatory comments.

  • AT & T and Hasbro Shoot YouTube Ads Against Abuse Charges
  • Predatory comments lead to suspension of YouTube ad

YouTube has reported that it has developed a more efficient system for detecting and suppressing predatory comments.

Previously, it was said that this would prevent video producers from generating advertising revenue if pedophiles left explicit comments on their videos, but this will no longer be necessary.

What other measures are taken?

In addition to updating its commentary policy, YouTube said it ended several channels that "endangered" children.

The ban included several channels that added shocking content amidst children's cartoons.

He named FilthyFrankClips among the forbidden channels. He had released a video explaining to children how to cut themselves.

"Nothing is more important to us than to ensure the safety of young people on the platform," said the YouTube general manager. Susan Wojcicki on Twitter.

The YouTube Kids app – YouTube Kids – has been criticized for using algorithms to manage content. Inappropriate videos have been discovered repeatedly on the service.

How did the creators react?

Comments left by fans on YouTube videos help the platform's algorithms choose which videos to show and recommend to users.

Creators are concerned that forcing the disabling of comments on their videos will affect the growth of their channels.

Despite the new extended policy, comments will remain a part of the recommendation algorithm.

"We understand that comments are an important way for creators to connect with their audiences," YouTube said in a statement. "We also know that it's the right thing to do to protect the YouTube community."

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