YouTube reevaluates development by script, focuses on Unscripted & AVOD

For the moment, YouTube is putting breaks into the original scripted programming as it refocuses its efforts on non-special shows and specials, which I've learned. This is part of a larger business model change as Google's video platform, which will move all originals originals in front of the paywall so that they are funded by advertising.

Over the last two months, YouTube, which aggressively built a portfolio of high-end scripted series under the direction of Susanne Daniels, global content manager, quietly stopped making new arguments. There have recently been some prestigious titles on the market that YouTube would have pursued but remained on the sidelines.

I hear now that YouTube is not expected to develop new scripted series in the near future, but that could change as its parent company is currently re-evaluating the platform's original strategy.

Whatever the case may be, projects currently under construction will remain on hold, with enough original product for YouTube to remain in the original scripted game until 2020, but out of the SVOD space. This includes several new series, including the very recent Origin and the next Become a god in Central Florida and Wayne as well as three recently recaptured drama pilots Dark cargo and comedyThe edge of seventeen, based on the film rented by the critics of the same name, and It is a world of men.

"In all respects, 2018 has been a pivotal year for YouTube Premium and YouTube Originals. We've expanded YouTube Premium to 29 countries, launched over 50 scripted and unscripted shows, and garnered eight Emmy nominations and over 30 industry awards, "said a YouTube spokesperson. "As 2019 approaches, we will begin to take over all of our advertising on YouTube Originals in order to meet the growing demand for a more global fan base." This next phase of our Originals strategy will extend the reach of our original YouTube creators and provide advertisers with incredible content that will reach the YouTube generation. "


It is unclear how a major shift in Silicon Valley technology giant's initial programming strategy would affect Daniels. A veteran and respected television executive at the beginning of her career, she spent two years at ABC as Director of Variety, Reality and Specials, covering topics similar to those required by YouTube 2.0, before moving on to a series of scenarios. and subsequently oversee original programming portfolios for a number of television networks, including WB, Lifetime, and MTV, before joining YouTube in 2015. A Closer Programming Mandate at YouTube May Cause Daniels to Look for Opportunities Elsewhere .

Technology companies have had a complicated relationship with original scripted programming and SVOD content. Amazon was the first digital company with a non-entertainment core business to step in and challenge Netflix and Hulu, even though things did not go well. His boss, Jeff Bezos, has ordered a major correction of his career in 2017 for global success. Apple raided the arena for years before finally signing up last year. Snapchat has announced and canceled plans for the original scripted scaling multiple times. Going all-in-one on top quality scripted content is a big investment, even for technology heavyweights.

YouTube Premium

For YouTube, there has also been the problem of brand identity. The web portal has been designed and remains recognized as a free hub for user-generated and ad-supported content, accessible to everyone around the world. The addition of professionally designed and professionally produced high-end scripted series to customers who pay via YouTube Red (in some of the countries known as YouTube Premium) in some countries where the service is available has changed the perception of YouTube, and Google are not convinced that this is the way forward. YouTube will now return to its original model of video content accessible by everyone and monetized via ads, which makes Google a leader.

The decision to reevaluate scripted programming and create all AVOD content comes after YouTube recorded its first global success in scripting with Cobra Kai, which garnered 100 million views and 100% the tomatoes score. There are also high hopes for the escape potential of the upcoming Wayne humor series starring Mark McKenna and Ciara Bravo.

At the same time, YouTube has also been successful with ad-funded celebrity docuseries and reality stunts, including Katy Perry: Will you be my witness and Will Smith's recent helicopter jump over the Grand Canyon. I hear that this is a direction YouTube wants to follow with its original programming, connecting celebrity and fans.

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