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Yu Darvish Cubs: "Now I can move forward"

LOS ANGELES – No one will suddenly start saying that Cuban right-winger Yu Darvish is a big pitcher after one or two starts.

But Darvish had his most significant debut as a Cub – if not his best performance – on Saturday night strangling the formidable formation of the Dodgers.

The Cubs finally beat the Dodgers 2-1 on Anthony Rizzo in the ninth inning, but it's hard to overestimate the importance of what Darvish has done against his former team in his first start at Dodger Stadium since his match collapse 7 in the match. 2017 World Series.

"This is the best team in the NL and I had a bad start in a couple in my last two games with the Dodgers," said Darvish. "So it was very important in my life.

"I think now I can move on."

Darvish, who had increased the size of his assaults among a crowd of more than 50,000, struck ten, walked one, and pulled out the last eleven to face Dodgers defenseman Walker Buehler.

"I was really proud of the way he handled the moment," said manager Joe Maddon. "He did it in Chicago this year as well. He shows you how good he is right now. And it's a performance you have to build on. … that could be the one who unlocks it. "

Just weeks after playing Wrigley Field in a very meticulous duel against Jake Arrieta – the favorite of the fans he replaced – Darvish pulled out nine of the first ten batters he met before allowing Alex Verdugo to score alone in the fourth inning. .

He felt better at some beginnings as a kid, he said. "My mechanics and physically, I did not feel the best," he said. "But my mind was pretty good."

For a team that has just lost one of its best pitchers, Kyle Hendricks, on the injured list, it could be crucial to assign Darvish to a role as the Cubs continue to fight with the Brewers and Cardinals near. from the center of NL.

"I think the first step was the thing at home when he defeated Jake's trick," said Maddon. "Because he talked about it. He does not hold back. So, he knew that he had to overcome some obstacles.

With the win back, the Cubs found themselves tied for the first time.

Darvish has not made a pitching decision since April, but has averaged 2.96 in his last four starts.

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