Zack Steffen will not play in Manchester City, and that could be a good thing – The Athletic

Zack Steffen, one of the rising stars of the US men's national team, is set to become defending Premier League champion Manchester City. Since Tim Howard's move to Manchester United in 2003, there has not been such a transfer from an American goalkeeper to world football. Without a doubt, it's a big step forward for Steffen, the rest of the MLS and the USMNT.

However, unlike Howard – who was bought in the hopes of immediately competing for the # 1 jersey – Steffen will arrive in Manchester to replace Brazilian Ederson. So why spend guaranteed MLS play time at a club that has one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, where play time will be hard to come by?

The answer to this question lies in the great dilemma of sport (and life): the grass is always greener. When you are stable in a team, you want to take on a new challenge. When you are disturbed in a new team, you would like to be …

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