Zero Motorcycles' new SR / F specifications leave Harley-Davidson in the dust


For about a month now, Zero has been teasing a new addition to its lineup with only a few glimpses of silhouette and limited performance information to work – well done teasing. The company has finally unveiled the new SR / F and we now know what Zero is working on: the view is beautiful!

Zero Motorcycles has finally unveiled the all-new electric SR / F, its very first naked sports model. By taking all that it has done successfully with its S range, the brand goes even further and progresses with the very efficient F.

First, the numbers. The new SR / F uses the same 14.4 kWh battery as the high-end S and SR. What has changed is the electric motor: instead of the usual 7 cm rotor found in the current zeros, the F receives a unit of 10 centimeters, which translates into a performance gain. In fact, both versions of the F (Standard and Premium) have a power rating of 110 horsepower, a torque of 140 lb-ft and a top speed of 124 mph (compared to 70 hp, 116 lb-ft and 102 mph for the SR ).

Despite the increase in power, Zero has managed to maintain a very competitive range. The standard SR / F should offer a combined range of 102 to 123 miles (depending on the road speed). The charging time should oscillate between 4.5 hours for the entry-level model with 3 kW and 1.5 hour charger with the 6 kW fast charger.

From the design point of view, the look is reminiscent of Honda's Neo Sport Café aesthetic with its unique LED high-backlight headlight and sporty profile. The cost of all these treats, however, is the weight and the SR / F tipped the scales at 485 lbs – just over 70 lbs. More than the SR. The price has been set at $ 18,995 for the standard version. Premium trim includes a screen, quick charger, heated grips and aluminum earmolds for $ 2,000 more. This places the new SR / F at the top of the line, at over $ 2,000 above the SR.

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