Zero's SF / R electric bike is faster and more connected

Zero has been building electric motorcycles for 13 years. Since that time, they have gone from less optimal vehicles with locked electric powertrains to beautiful electrified bikes.

In recent years, the company has had a predictable track record. Every 12 months, it modernized the engines and expanded the range of its range. The bikes continued to look pretty much as the guts were improved. But the SF / R is something different and it's more than just its design.

When I ride in the mountains above Santa Cruz, California, I am impressed by the sweetness of the acceleration. You twist the throttle and it responds to the expected torque of an electric motor, but the system has been polite. This does not detract from the experience of the electric bike. If something makes it better.

This concerns the Zero Cypher III operating system and the stability control of the Bosch motorcycle. But it 's not just about acceleration, it also controls how the bike reacts to different types of surfaces and driving styles. He took his riding to another level. The motorcycle manufacturer has even added a rain mode to the bike. A first for its range and a welcome show for all those who ride every day and face the rush. During my cornering, gravel and light rain tests, the bike overcame these obstacles and responded gracefully.

The great thing is that none of this removes the almost instantaneous speed of driving a Zero motorcycle. The SR / F has 140-pound torque and 110 horsepower. So when you twist that handle, you move quickly. Very quickly.

Zero SR / F

And that's what I wanted from my ride. After 20 minutes, I realized how quickly I could get an idea of ​​the thing and I began to wonder, while linking the turns through the woods, if it seemed strange to pass in front of my companions. The sitting position (31 inches) was a little low for a person of my size, but Zero plans to offer a seat that raises it to about one inch. For small runners, a spot will be available to lower the height of about three quarters of an inch.

After a few hours on the SR / F, I was always ready for more driving, just like cycling. The bike has a city range of 161 miles and a range of 99 miles. Throw on the optional Power Pack and Zero indicates that the bike will travel 200 miles between charges. The SR / F is also the first Zero to offer a standard level 2 charger. You know, the kind you find in electric cars. It will support charging speeds of up to 3 kW standard and 6 kW if you like the Premium model which includes heated grips, aluminum bar ends and a mosquito net screen starting at $ 20,995.

Whichever model you ride, the bike comes with the new 5 inch color TFT LCD. It is easier to read than the monochrome screen of its other motorcycles and even in full sun and with polarized sunglasses, I had no problem with visibility. In addition to better looking, the bike also has a wireless connection (free for the first two years). It supports updates over the air and can be used to search the bike and control the powertrain and stability control with the companion app.

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<p>Then we come to the design and frankly, it's a spectator. The company has moved away from its previous design language with something exceptional. The design team was keen to point out that it was an electric motorcycle that even accentuated the engine. It's a "bare" bike that will be at home next to Ducatis and Aprillas.</p>
<p>The SR / F looks great and the ride is even better. With this, the argument for electric bikes has just become stronger. It's a more refined motorcycle from a company that continues to impress with its offers. This new bike is an evolutionary jump in its history and I hope that the next time I'll be on it, I can be a little more aggressive.</p>
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