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For most of 2018, notch dominated the mobile landscape, every Android builder under the sun (with the exception of Samsung) hastily copying the iPhone X. We have then witnessed a new wave of post-notch designs, where Android device makers were desperately trying to look original by doing the only thing available to them: they removed the notch completely, but made compromises for achieve this design.

We have seen phones with two screens – one at the back and one at the front – just to avoid having two camera modules. Even before that, telephones with sliding cameras appeared, followed by sliding telephones with rear panels that slipped to reveal the selfie camera whenever necessary. Samsung then launched the Infinity-O screen alongside its Galaxy S10 series. But ZTE might have found the worst way to avoid the notch.

ZTE did not experience the best year of 2018, being on the verge of freezing its smartphone plans indefinitely, before the Trump administration saves Chinese society from extinction. And ZTE is back this year with new phones, including the all-screen Axon S you see below, a phone whose cameras slide sideways, according to these images.

Posted on Notebook Italia, press leaks show a camera with a total of five cameras, two in the front and three in the back. Rather than sliding upwards, the camera modules slide to the left.

Image Source: Notebook Italia

It's about as bad as we've seen. To recap, sliders are a bad compromise for several reasons. There is no guarantee that the mechanism will not work, the risk of water damage could increase exponentially on phones with moving parts and protective cases are complicated. In addition, there is usually no headphone jack, because half of the phone slides up. The same problems affect the Axon S, but this phone may have an additional feature.

Since the camera panel slides sideways, the use of a protective case seems even more difficult than on other models. Not to mention that we might consider a different disadvantage for its particular design. The width of the phone increases when you want to take a picture and it can prove more difficult than taking a picture with one hand. Now imagine that the phone falls while you try to take a selfie.

Image Source: Notebook Italia

Otherwise, the phone seems to contain all the usual features of the flagship devices, including a large screen, a built-in fingerprint sensor and 5G support.

We do not have all the specifications for the handset, but the report details the main camera. We are looking at a three-lens configuration that includes a 48-megapixel main camera, a second 19-megapixel lens, and a 5X optical zoom lens. It's unclear when the Axon S will be launched or how much it will cost, but being a 5G phone, expect it to be more expensive than ordinary 4G handsets.

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