Today Im testing 10 different virus instagram viral patterns! I did not intend for this video to be so long but I hope you enjoy each part!

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  1. I'm so sorry if it seams as if I didn't try. I really did write all my recipes down including ingredients. I also watched some videos. The editing took days because there was so much footage.. I cropped so much footage out and I feel thats probably why the slimes look so rushed. It was also 4 am at the end of the video.. I do agree that I should've paused and taken more days to film but I promise that in no way did I mean to make it look as if I didn't try. I'm so sorry. ?

  2. 7:33 what do you mean you suck your the "queen of slime"

  3. Is marshmallow slime a thing already


  5. The 2nd one didn't works cause you put alot of shaving cream. You only need a luttle shaving cream.

  6. I herd that you were going on tour a t on tour a few videos back I'm going to the wone in Boston I would like to know the date , time and wear By Karina

  7. Hold on how have you not made floam before

  8. For the bead slime that’s the beads you use except clear slime

  9. Guys… “i bet u can’t make slime and your just jealous!” I hate Karina, not because I am jealous (why would I want to be like her?) but becuase her content is crap, her attitude is crap, and she is way overhyped which makes me hate her even more.

  10. can you just stop talking ok f***k

  11. Is it just me or she just STUPID

  12. Why is she using white slime in fishbowl slime

  13. Done ✅ I subscribed to both

  14. I love your videos

    Like if you agree

  15. For pearl slime could you use eyeshadow

  16. Idk what i would do without you

  17. Karina: Candle slime, We gonna melt it.

    Me: YOU’RE MELTING WAX?!?!?!!?!

  18. Um actually I have a friend she got skin cancer on her hands because she put borax in the slime and also my mom says it to and she's smart

  19. You should Colab with just Ameerah

  20. What was with the contact solution?

  21. With the second one u added too much shaving cream and to make it crispy you should have left it in an air tight container for a few days

  22. Do you have to add a lot of contact solution into your slime

  23. What's the actervatour she was using?

  24. Can you make me some slime please? I don't have money to make slime 🙁

  25. I hate the that hate on you

  26. Karina u inspire me even though you make mistakes you still do

  27. Not 3 days I leave it out over night with no cap

  28. The Iceberg Slime wasn't a fail… you are just impatient.