Today Im testing 10 different virus instagram viral patterns! I did not intend for this video to be so long but I hope you enjoy each part!

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42 thoughts on “10 VIRAL SLIMES TESTED!”

  1. I'm so sorry if it seams as if I didn't try. I really did write all my recipes down including ingredients. I also watched some videos. The editing took days because there was so much footage.. I cropped so much footage out and I feel thats probably why the slimes look so rushed. It was also 4 am at the end of the video.. I do agree that I should've paused and taken more days to film but I promise that in no way did I mean to make it look as if I didn't try. I'm so sorry. ?

  2. Guys… “i bet u can’t make slime and your just jealous!” I hate Karina, not because I am jealous (why would I want to be like her?) but becuase her content is crap, her attitude is crap, and she is way overhyped which makes me hate her even more.

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