2 more preterm babies die after the outbreak of infection at N.J. Hospital, bringing the total to 3

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By Janelle Griffith

Two other premature babies who were in the neonatal intensive care unit of a New Jersey hospital died last week, bringing to three the number of people who died after a bacterial outbreak in September, announced Tuesday the Department of State Health.

The two babies, who were infected six weeks ago at Newark University Hospital, died last week, but the New Jersey Department of Health said the deaths had not been reported before Monday.

This prompted the health department to send an inspection team to the hospital on Tuesday.

"A departmental investigation team is on hand today to investigate hospital-wide notification policies, governance, and other factors related to the reporting of case fatalities at the hospital. during an ongoing epidemic, "health officials said. "Yesterday, the hospital's infection control program was not aware of the deaths at the time of his contact."

The cause of death is not clear because babies had other health problems related to their prematurity, said the health department.

In total, four institutional infants were exposed to Acinetobacter baumannii, an infection contracted at the hospital. The first child died at the end of September.

The baby who survived left the hospital in late October, the health department said.

There have been no new cases in the unit since October, said a spokeswoman for the hospital.

State health officials ordered the hospital last month to take corrective measures including the hiring of an approved infection prevention practitioner.

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