2018 World Cup: Swedes reject racism after victory in the group stage


  Annika Strandhall and Jimmy Durmaz

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Annika Strandhall, Swedish Minister of Sports, expressed her support to Jimmy Durmaz wearing his shirt to parliament

As Sweden beat Mexico 3-0 to advance to the knockout stages of the World Cup, Swedes turned to social media to celebrate victory and reject racism

. their previous role had left uncertainty in Sweden's hopes of progress.

Winger Jimmy Durmaz, born in Sweden of Assyrian parents having emigrated from Turkey, was a victim of racial abuse as a result of this game.

translated as #WeAreSweden was used thousands of times on Twitter as the Swedes celebrated their victory – and rejected the racism that followed the defeat.

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"I am proud to play in the Swedish national team and I will never let racists destroy that pride," Durmaz said in a statement released Sunday. We must avoid all forms of racism. "

Wednesday In the morning, before the game against Mexico, Swedish Sports Minister Annika Strandhall published a photo of herself wearing a Swedish shirt with the name and number of Durmaz. Image was widely shared and appreciated on Facebook and Twitter.

Others shared their own messages of support to Durmaz. Social media user Bosse Zakrisson, who had won his shirt after A competition launched by former defender Tottenham and Sweden's Erik Edman, also posted a photo of him bearing the name and number of Durmaz on his back .. "Everyone works together, no one should be thrown out under the bus, team work, team sports, Sweden. "

And this afternoon, Mexican defender Edson Alvarez put Sweden at three with just over 15 minutes of play, their fans began to celebrate seriously. [19659007] "What a joy all over Sweden in every house and apartment," wrote Ozz Nujen, comedian and television personality. "We lose together and we win together."

"This one is for you Jimmy Durmaz," wrote another.

The World Cup of Sweden continues Tuesday, when they face Switzerland in the last 16.


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