Trend: Why is the world not as pure as the new alliance of the Mexico-South Korea World Cup?


Mexico lost to Sweden. But South Korea beat Germany, allowing a grateful Mexico to advance.

@ Abe_A93, Responding to the shocking result of the first Wednesday matches of the World Cup. Mexico lost to Sweden 3-0, but still advanced, as South Korea beat Germany, 2014 World Cup champion. Mexican fans celebrated and have showed their gratitude by raising Korean fans and joking that Mexico was changing its national language.

Tess Holliday is on the cover of SELF magazine, promoting her all-inclusive body positivity. [19659010] SELF

@IdahoAmy, tweeting his enthusiasm for Self's first digital issue, "The Weight Issue", featuring author, activist and large format model Tess Holliday. This issue presents what Carolyn Kylstra, editor, describes in an editor's letter as a collection of articles "intended to challenge our thinking about weight and health" and to improve positivity. . Slack broadcasting an advertisement during halftime of the World Cup match that I watch intensely because I can not work because Slack is down is a high comedy

– Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) June 27, 2018

@WillBrinson, Joke about Slack, the popular workplace communication app, which broke down Wednesday morning that lasted several hours. With Slack down, many users have taken to Twitter to express their confusion about what to do. As noted by the user @ redcat9, "people talk to each other."

"The Predator" has a new trailer, but a specific sentence is missing in the script.

@SeanTheAcorn, commenting on the new trailer for "The Predator", the latest movie in the "Predator" series. The above line is told by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 film, and is a fan favorite, mainly because of Schwarzenegger's focus. "The Predator" is released on September 14th.

I do not understand the short "Bao" by Pixar? You are about to get a lesson in culture

@larryluk, tweeting about "Bao" a Pixar short film about a Canadian-Chinese mother whose pellet comes alive. He elicited comments after Americans of Asian descent noted that white audiences did not understand how the short reflection of tense relations with parents, and the role of food in many Asian cultures.