25 ways to make your photo or video a movie on social media



If you love to impress people, I have plenty of great ideas to impress everyone around you! And this is not so difficult to do in the Instagram era. Just know some cool stuff!

One of my favorite tricks is when I hit the floor severely and my friend pretends to be mistaken for these noises. Here's what you need to do. Find beautiful places with photogenic soil, then hit your feet vigorously. While your photographer turns his smartphone 360 ​​degrees clockwise, your other friend takes your place and pretends to listen.

Another is just hilarious! But you will have to find a car door. Once you have found it, call your friends. One of them will help you hold the door as if the car was moving slowly beside you. The other will visibly shoot a video. This insane hacking is worth a try!

So go get your likes and new subscribers! ; )


0:18 Toc knock! Who is here?
0:32 Levitation
1:11 Umbrella is always useful
1:42 Titanic Moment
1:53 Pimp my turn!
2:12 Wizard of Oz
3:43 Happy family
4:20 Are you thirsty?
7:17 How to pose for the couple's photoshoot

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