Videos of the viral hostess named boyfriend, even after experiencing fate


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – A flight attendant has indeed suffered the misfortune after being proposed by his lover.

In fact, the timing of the application was quite romantic and was observed by many people.

The people who witnessed the unforgettable moment were the passengers of the plane.

The wedding invitation was made by the flight attendant's lover on a plane that took off an hour and a half earlier.

On Pear Video videos, which have been viral since May, we see a man kneeling in front of the flight attendant.

The air hostess was moved to accept the expression of the love of the lover.

Passengers who witnessed the lover's partner also took the romantic atmosphere and perpetuated it with a mobile phone camera.

"I really do not know that my girlfriend will apply for this flight, thank you for being my witness," said the flight attendant, not expecting to be surprised by his girlfriend, quoted by AsiaOne.

Even more unexpected, according to the Liaoning TV newspaper of 09/09/2018, the moment of the flight between Xi An and Yinchuan caused the flight attendant to lose his job.

China Eastern Airlines said the incident caused interference and was considered an irresponsible act.

The flight attendant of the viral video was fired because the safety of the passengers was not taken into account.

Some netizens in China blame the airline for the rigid decision and do not use this feeling.

Moreover, according to them, the flight attendant did not know either the plan of his lover.

Despite this, some Internet users are in agreement with China Eastern Airlines.

They agree that personal belongings made during working hours are neglected.

See the video above. ( Padmasta EW)