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& # 39; Stay in your appalling way & # 39;

Hannah Brown is tired of all his men! Bachelorette, frustrated, was struggling to see herself with one of the men of her season after the drama with Luke P., becoming uncontrollable, causing her to collapse.

After deciding to keep Luke P. in the episode of Monday The bachelorette, bickering between men broke out during the night's cocktail party to see if the hated competitor had lied about raising other men during his face-to-face meeting with Hannah.

Hearing the arguments in the other room, Hannah came in, shocking the men with a passionate bow about her being "frustrated" when she was arguing.

"Stop, I'm so frustrated by the fact that there are still fights in the house and it pisses me off," she told them.

"I'm not trying to defend it," she said about Luke P. "I'm aware of some of the things he's done and I told him in the face. But I am aware that you do not like it, okay, so I try to restore it. … I'm tired of hearing scream about something. "

Despite the fact that the men were trying to defend their behavior, Hannah was not letting them get away with throwing herself under the bus.

"I want to continue the night, but I'm frustrated, so what I want to tell you all is to stay in your way, because I'm tired of hearing screaming" she warned before walking. of.

This did not stop the arguments between Luke and the other men, which prompted the Bachelorette to drink and return to the second round of reprimands.

"Stop the focus on [Luke P.]because I can understand that myself and focus on me, "she insisted. And know that I am a grown woman, and that I can decide if I want to spend my time understanding all this or if not … Please stop pointing the others and let I do it. Concentrate on yourself and what I need from you.

Admitting that she felt "panicked and irritated," Hannah made sure her men knew it was all that made her feel so.

"None of you knows anything about me and why I'm here and what makes me and things I've lived," she says, collapsing. "So, I do not feel comfortable with all this, because nobody asked, because all we do is talk about stupid s- So, I do not want to talk to anyone because at this stage, I am really defeated by you all. "

With the help of facilitator Chris Harrison, Hannah managed to come together and decide to continue her journey, recognizing that all she needed was to "feel as if I could share with someone ".

the bachelorette Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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