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4.6 earthquake strikes north of Seattle

A magnitude 4.6 earthquake rocked the Puget Sound area early Friday.

The earthquake was concentrated in Monroe, east of Everett, according to the earthquake mapping system of the US Geological Survey.

The earthquake occurred at about 22 km deep at 02:51, the USGS announced. The initial magnitude was 4.7, but this number was reduced to 4.6. A smaller tremor of 3.5 minutes hit later.

The tremors were felt throughout the region. In the first 20 minutes after the earthquake, the USGS received information from the northern Canadian border and south Kent.

No damage was initially reported. In the Seattle suburb of Brier, in southern Snohomish County, about 14 km from the epicenter, the jolt was enough to wake people up. The dogs started screaming.

KUOW reporter Casey Martin, who lives in Kirkland, said the earthquake "started with a thud and then was shaken for about 15 seconds, my old house cracked like crazy."

Twitter illuminated with reports of people feeling tremors.

Here is an overview of the epicenter of the USGS. It is just on the western edge of Monroe, along US 2 territory.

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