4 News Now to the air of the special report “Inside the ICU” Wednesday at 6 pm

SPOKANE, Washington – 4 News Now will take you where our cameras were never allowed to go: inside the intensive care unit at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Throughout the pandemic, and especially recently, you’ve heard that our hospitals are teeming with COVID patients.

But how can you believe what you can’t see?

“If you had asked me to do this two years ago, I would have said, ‘Oh my God, we would never let cameras in our intensive care unit,’ said Chief Nurse Susan Stacey.

The Providence team believe the community needs to see what’s going on in order to understand how bad COVID is right now.

Last week, Robyn Nance and photographer Brian Belanger were granted exclusive access to bring cameras into the intensive care unit, record what they saw and speak to barely hooked caregivers.

It’s a story that can be difficult to watch, but one that we hope you won’t look away from.

You can look “Inside the ICU”Wednesday only on 4 News Now at 6 p.m.

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