September retirement requests are stable but are not advancing any faster

[ad_1] Federal pension claims fell about 15.5% from August to September, but in most other respects the processing of those claims by the Office of Personnel Management is not moving. Recently released statistics show that the OPM received 7,589 new pension claims last month, up from 8,976 new claims received in August. Last month was … Read more

‘Oz’ star Granville Adams has died at 58

[ad_1] Actor Granville Adams, best known for his work on the prison drama “Oz”, has died at age 58 after a long battle with cancer. News of his death was shared on Instagram Sunday by executive producer and showrunner of the HBO series Tom Fontana. “Good night, sweet prince / and the flights of angels … Read more

Mayor – News – October 2021 – THE MAYOR OF CANTRELL CELEBRATES THE COMPLETION OF THE $ 26.8M MUNICIPAL YACHT HARBAR PROJECT; Husband at the cutting edge of art

[ad_1] NEW ORLEANS – Today Mayor LaToya Cantrell was joined by Joseph I. Giarrusso III, District A City Council Member, other local and state officials, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Municipal Yacht Harbor Management Corporation (MYHMC) staff and commissioners and the community. members to celebrate the completion of a restoration project to restore the marina … Read more

New treatment kills cancerous tumors in head and neck in trial | Cancer

[ad_1] New cancer treatment can eliminate tumors in patients with end-stage head and neck cancer, scientists have found. In a landmark trial, a cocktail of immunotherapy drugs harnessed patients’ immune systems to kill their own cancer cells and caused “a positive trend in survival,” according to researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR ), … Read more

Central American migration and the war on drugs – News

[ad_1] The international autumn seminar series, A new normal in a global contextcontinues at noon on Wednesday October 20 with Dr. Mike Hendrick’s lecture on “Central American Migration and the War on Drugs”. The event will be presented as a live Zoom webinar, free and open to the public. Prior registration is required to receive … Read more

COVID Immunity By Infection Or Vaccination: Are They Equal?

[ad_1] Dr Aaron Kheriaty, professor of psychiatry at the University of California-Irvine, felt he did not need to be vaccinated against covid because he had fallen ill with the disease in July 2020. So, in August, he filed a lawsuit to end the university system’s immunization mandate, claiming that “natural” immunity had given him and … Read more

State Police schedule press conference Monday amid investigation into ambush of soldier who has gone undiscovered for hours

[ad_1] BATON ROUGE – As the saturday chaos Having moved into mourning, state police focused on two investigations: the violent rampage of the suspect who shot or attempted to shoot at a handful of people, including state soldiers, in three parishes and the troubling case of how a soldier’s corpse was left unattended all day. … Read more

Symptoms of COVID may not go away for people over 40

[ad_1] A recent study suggests that some symptoms of COVID-19 may not go away as quickly depending on your age. In September, a new study published in the American Journal of Otolaryngology found that symptoms are more difficult to manage for older people infected with the coronavirus than for younger ones. The researchers spoke to … Read more

New treatments bring hope to people with triple negative breast cancer

[ad_1] For years, triple negative breast cancer has been viewed as aggressive with little hope of treatment, but that idea seems to be changing among experts as more promising treatment options develop. “I would say the future is bright for triple negative breast cancer,” said Dr. Erica Mayer, medical oncologist and senior physician at the … Read more