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Welcome to the 288th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the headlines this week:

  • Android Q has new permission rules. Previously, you could give applications the ability to install new applications permanently. Android Q gives you permission whenever you do it. This is obviously a security element and a good one. Normally, people do not install apps from Chrome or apps other than Google Play very often. This should not be a problem.
  • Facebook is acting again. This time, Facebook was surprised to track user accounts even though they were disabled. This means that deleting your Facebook account does practically nothing unless you take additional action. It's not in Facebook's data policy and it's a problem. Click on the link to find out more!
  • Bethesda opened the doors at Elder Scrolls: Blades at the end of last week. The game is still very much in beta early access. However, you no longer need an invitation to play. However, you still need a Bethesda account to make everything operational. The game has some flaws here and there, but is a generally decent mobile RPG title. In any case, it is available now if you want to try it.
  • T-Mobile has announced its new TV streaming service this week. It goes through TVision and it's not such a good deal. It costs $ 100 a month and $ 10 more per month for each TV after the first. At this point, we recommend that you stick with your cable company. The service offers 270 channels, which is much more than what you usually get from your competitors. We will learn more when we can get our hands on it.
  • Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge Browser is now available in beta. In fact, it's not half bad. It supports Chrome sync with most existing Chrome extensions and themes. Microsoft has also removed more than 50 Google Chrome features, including Cloud Print, Google Pay, and some of Google Chrome's native ad blocking features. Microsoft is also actively involved in the use of Chromium with over 150 validations already listed in the code.

Laughable is a new podcast platform for comedy fans. It's an interesting concept. You follow different personalities and the application warns you when that person is doing a podcast somewhere. You can follow all kinds of people even if they do not have a regular podcast. In addition, the application has podcast playback controls, offline downloads and a proper search. It is totally free, so there is no harm in checking.


AFK Arena left its smooth launch this week and is now available worldwide (in most areas). It's a mobile role-playing game with gacha and some inactive elements. You collect various cards of legendary heroes and let them fight in various battles on your behalf. During this time, you only watch or wait for them to be done. The game also features online PvP, a story, and more. People seem to like it until now and it's definitely one of the most interesting idle games on the market.

If we missed big new apps, updates or versions of Android apps or games, tell us in the comments! You can also click here to view our latest podcast!

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