5 Indians who were viral and changed their lives forever

In this video, 5ocial presents the story of Indian superstars Viral Sensation. This video presents viral stories after which there has been a substantial change in their lives.

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  1. Chai pii lo?????…….kaha gaye

  2. मैं trivago man का fan hu

  3. In Bangladesh Rohingyas and poor people and homeless people aslo have FB a and FB messenger.why can't she had a FB account. I think Indians are sooo poor

  4. even dhinchak pooja is called for concerts and people cheer for her
    instead of throwing tomatoes on her

  5. I'll never forgive the people who bullied hannan hamid for being an angel ???

  6. dhink chak puja aj ek brand hai. karoro kamati hai.. bhai mei marna chahta hun. duniya se bharosa uth gaya

  7. My son is fan of trivago man he likes the way he xplains the add and I told him he is the owner I guess as he does not look like model from any angle.plus never been seen in any ads now m sure his selection for this add must have been bcz of the way he xplains no.one else xplains bolke usko hi bola hoga bhai tu hi.kar kisi aur se na ho payega

  8. Feeling bad for that student. Nice ppl are always doubted & ill-treated.

  9. Shahid alvi Nagar Palika kaha hai??

  10. What about that Airtel girl in 4G ad

  11. please make a video on honey singh

  12. Video bahut pasand aaya sincere Thanks to team 5ocial

  13. Armaan Malik Aayush Sharma story

  14. You have very sweet voice. I want to know yr name.