5 takeaways from Poirier and the interim title of Adesanya

What really mattered at UFC 236? Here's one thing or five …

1. The Poirier superpower? Resistance

Dustin Poirier has had the same tweet for a while pinned to his Twitter page. It's from November 2016, just months after being knocked out by Michael Johnson in a UFC main event, and he simply reads: "It's all about perseverance."

It's not just a disposable line for Poirier, it's a philosophy. His entire career has been devoted to perseverance. It is normal, then, that he must go through hard times to win the UFC interim title with a unanimous victory over Max Holloway.

It was not a domination of Poirier. This fight had violent ebb and flow, and there were points where he almost lost him. But Poirier proves that it is sometimes possible to get things done by simple will. This is the story of his career, so why not say as much about his first win in the UFC title?

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