A Congressman addresses a viral video of a racist man shouting at a Puerto Rican woman


Rep. Luis Vicente Gutiérrez (D-IL 4th District) talks about the viral video of a white racist old man harassing a young Puerto Rican woman for wearing a Puerto Rican flag t-shirt while a white policeman does nothing despite the calls for help from the young woman.

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32 thoughts on “A Congressman addresses a viral video of a racist man shouting at a Puerto Rican woman”

  1. I used to work with Luis Gutierrez when I was a Juvenile Probation Officer and he was a councilor for UDIS. He was very committed then and even more committed now. Keep on it Luis. We’re proud of you.

  2. Do not pretend like Deliverance is unique he represents Spanky and all the Trumpanzees that still support the "Manchurian Candidate". WASP RatpubliKKKlans are all this heavy metals crazed, DNA damaged, and dumb as a small rock. Some Americans are ignorant and proud 26 Jay Leno Jaywalking – Who won the Civil War (funny moments) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ0cwMkOFPQ

  3. People make some stupid traffic mistake and get $$$ ticket or shot to death, yet this officer, paid by the tax payers, is on camera proving he is not doing his job whatsoever! I’m sure it would have been all together different if drunken white guy was of color!

  4. Illiteracy is the root cause ….. improve the education system in the states of these trumpterds and steal away there next generation of children with knowledge ….and let them know that they no not need to follow in these racist foot steps

  5. No way now a white drunken racist going off on a person of color because it makes this white racist feel good about himself. Oh man and the officer that stood there at first then walked away shows why he should never be a police officer anywhere he faied at the basic idea of what an officer is to be to do to serve and protect he did neither

  6. I wonder if Native Americans feel the same way that these racist white people who think they own America feel. I wonder if all the countries that the white man has destroyed feel that way. The audacity is astonishing but not surprising! If they are so fearful of us losing their population of whites why don't they go back to where their ancestors were originally from?! Because most people were not raised to be insecure, frightened, hateful weasels and actually appreciate and enjoy all ethnicities and their culture, and foods. Imagine how boring life would be if everyone was white? No variety of people, culture, and foods to love and enjoy. NOT MY KIND OF AMERICA!!!! This soon shall pass and there is a reserved dark place for those that think they are better than.

  7. Trump has done only one positive thing to the United States. He has brought out many many many racist people from the closet. I was not aware of how many racist people are in United States until Trump became president. Thank you for making them visible to the American people.

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