A foldable iPhone patent shows how Apple could avoid damaging the screen


On paper, foldable smartphones seem the ideal idea: they allow consumers to have access to large screens that can be folded into formats that can be stored. But in reality, their designs present many challenges.

One of the most difficult problems to overcome is to avoid damaging the screens after repeated bending and unfolding, especially in cold weather. Apple, however, seems to have a solution to this problem, even though it has not released any foldable device yet.

Detailed in a recently published patent, the Cupertino giant thinks that heat is the key to preventing damage to the screen. Thanks to a variety of sensors, the device in question will be able to follow the temperature of the billboard. If it's too cold, separate components will then heat a specific part of the screen. According to the patent, this should allow the flexible panel to easily adapt to its new position, thus reducing any potential deterioration.

The addition of a dedicated heating component to a device that can generate unnecessary clutter, Apple also suggested the implementation of an alternative solution. This would automatically increase the brightness of the display in the affected area to warm the panel. Once hot enough, the brightness will be automatically reduced.

Apple has still not publicly acknowledged the fact that it works on a foldable phone, so it is always possible that such a device is never marketed. Rumors suggest that this will not happen until the second half of 2020 at the earliest.

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