A fun adventure of the 90s with a brilliant Carol Danvers

You can believe the hype.

The highly anticipated Captain Marvel had its first Tuesday night, and the first viewers described it as different from all the other MCU films that they have seen before, and even more strange than expected.

The main takeaway? As Angie Han of Mashable …

Other critics and viewers thought the film had a strong sense of nostalgia for the '90s, and yes, you bet it will be very entertaining.

As you can imagine, Brie Larson is brilliant in the role of Carol Danvers, an Earthling who has gained powers but lost her memory. Your new hero is here.

It's despite herself stuck between episodes of the sitcom of the 90s friends, Apparently.

There is also applause for Ben Mendelsohn's performance as Talos, the leader of the Skrulls.

And you can expect that some cat named Goose will steal the show too.

Even if Captain Marvel could include a whole new set of new characters, technologies and even a period we have not seen before, there are allusions to the MCU that you should be watching.

Simple mortals like us can see Captain Marvel in cinemas from March 8th.

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