A gorgeous Saudi rapper celebrates women driving a viral song video

Beautiful rapper from Saudi Arabia celebrates the elevator of the driving ban with the new viral song video,
Leesa A becomes viral by giving up a new song that marks the end of the decades-old ban preventing women from driving

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  1. Ladies don't worry new taxi lessons ladies continue no problem I am nothing

  2. Omg it crazy decisions because Saudi man don't know how to drive so how women can drive it????

  3. You have given license to drive and not to make dancing videos. Just fear Allah n do the right thing.

  4. Great crown king great decision……..look at their happiness ……….MA………..very nice cute song she sung………

  5. Work those Lyrics Girl, We are so Proud of you !!

  6. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!! aweso e song great music! lovely !!

  7. King Muhammad bin Salman (Saudi king) is going to bring disaster in saudia….
    It's clearly a clash of two different civilizations….
    Trying to bring USA model in An Islamic country….

  8. She is beautiful, simply beautiful….

  9. Only Cristian people complimente of you. Thank you salman

  10. time to distroy of saudi arabia

  11. She is beautiful and covered. Take notice Cardi B….you have heavy competition….this girl can rap n sweep the floor….go ahead Saudi Young Lady.

  12. Woman have lot more respect and rights in Saudi country then any other place in the world.

  13. Watch now all the curruption and wrong doing and unislamic thing will happen towards the women, there was a reason to keep woman off of this thing, I am very sad.

  14. Love this God bless her and give her more courage and wisdom to recognize the real meaning of life . Good job .

  15. ??happy for this decision that women got permission to drive in Saudi Arabia

  16. بنت جميلة مشا ءلله حجاب جدا جدا